Neurological Differences

We all have neurological differences that affect us each day. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum often have more pronounced neurological differences, which cause them to face added social, educational, and emotional challenges. This can create tremendous stress and suffering for both the individuals and their families. As a therapist at Vista Del Mar and a Supervisor and BID at Focus on All Child Therapies, I have seen the struggle that many families of children with neurological differences go through first hand. My practice will seek to address some of these concerns by providing private consultations, family therapy, sibling counseling, behavioral management, and individual counseling for children, teens, transitional-age youth, and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Although behavioral therapy is a key component of my work with this population, I am committed to ensuring that all plans are conceived from a collaborative, strengths-­based model, building upon the individual’s existing skills and interests.

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