Child Therapy

Children can’t always tell us what they’re thinking, feeling, or what they need.  Child therapy is an opportunity for them to open up and find the answers they seek through languages children understand – like art and play.

If your child is in need of some extra support, perhaps due to recent grief, loss, or family disruption, I am here to help. I have an extensive background helping children and teens cope with depression and anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, as well as the stress of an Autism diagnosis or learning disabilities. I believe every child is unique and I develop an approach that is special to each child.

Services include:

  • Family counseling
  • Play therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Parenting consultation
  • Behavioral therapy
  • School consultation

Services will all be carried out in coordination and consultation with parents and caregivers, always serving to strengthen the family unit.  As a practitioner, my hope is to allow children to explore their problems in a warm and caring environment, helping them to understand that these problems do not define them.  I will target negative self-­talk and seek out alternative stories that build upon children’s inherent inner resources.