Depression and Anxiety

We all feel a little down sometimes.  The stress and pressure of our fast-paced society can get to us all.  When depression and anxiety enter your life, you may feel as if everything is hopeless and nothing matters anymore.  Please believe that you are not powerless to your feelings.  Therapy can start you on a path to healing.  My work with anxiety and depression utilizes my cognitive behavioral training to examine the effects of negative self-talk and to identify black-and-white thinking.  I also hope to explore the sources of anxiety and sadness by helping my clients achieve a better understanding of themselves through collaborative insight.  During times of trouble, it may also be helpful to expand the things that are working for you and well from existing strengths.  Working within a narrative and relational framework, I hope to help my clients see that although our problems might seem overwhelming, they ultimately do not define us.

If you feel you may be suffering from depression or anxiety, please visit this link and complete an online depression screening.  If you are in need of additional resources, please click here.